Volunteer of the Month

DK England

 “I like volunteering so that I can be a part of something bigger than me. It is a great way to be involved in the community." - DK England (August) 

Butch Massa

"I have FUN. I enjoy being with the other volunteers. They are upbeat people and I get to understand what they do and what they think." - Butch Massa (July)

Cassandra Miller

"Volunteering gives me an opportunity to meet all kinds of people. And listening to the music while volunteering is more fun for me than it is work!" - Cassandra Miller (June)

Bill Belpanno

"Greenville is rich with diversity and I really enjoy meeting all different types of people. I love to see how happy everyone is when they are at any of the events." - Bill Belpanno (May)

Build Community and Get Involved with the City of Greenville

The City of Greenville Public Information and Events department seeks volunteers who are dedicated to making Greenville, SC, a better place to live. We are looking for enthusiastic, positive, hard-working people to help us produce events that align directly with our mission and values. We love working with local non-profits, corporate businesses, schools, churches, individuals and diverse interest groups. We thrive because our volunteers show up and make a difference. The City of Greenville Special Events Department has many opportunities to offer. We do large-scale and small-scale events, and everything in-between.

Group Volunteer Opportunities

The City’s Special Event Department offers organizations and local nonprofits the opportunity to fill key positions at downtown events. In return, volunteer groups collect tips from weekly events (Piedmont Natural Gas Downtown Alive or Greenville Heritage Main Street Fridays) or revenue from Artisphere or Fall for Greenville based on hours worked during the weekend.

Group Requirements

Nonprofit groups are required to be a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with the South Carolina Secretary of State in order to participate. If your group or company is not a registered 501(c)3, you may collect tips or revenue on behalf of a registered 501(c)3 organization. If you wish to apply to volunteer with your organization, please contact the City of Greenville Volunteer Coordinator.