Permits & Applications

  1. Accommodations Tax

    Find information regarding state funding for tourism-related events or promotional opportunities, and local funding from hospitality tax.

  2. Hospitality Tax

    In 2001, the Greenville City Council authorized the levy of a 2% Local Hospitality Tax on prepared meals and beverages including alcoholic beverages, beer, and wine sold in the City of Greenville.

  3. Business License Applications

    Access business license applications, specialty licenses, and download a background check application.

  4. Building Permit Applications

    View and download building permits required by the City of Greenville.

  5. Encroachment Permit Applications

    The City issues general encroachment permits to authorize a variety of work within the public right of way, including construction projects, utility connections and maintenance activities.

  6. Sidewalk Sign and Cafe Permits

    Sidewalk encroachments are required for anyone who operates an outdoor cafe or has a sign on the sidewalk or public property.

  7. Stormwater Permits

    Information about the permitting process for stormwater, from the city environmental engineering division.

  8. Zoning Application Forms

    Review various permits and applications for the Planning and Development Department.